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  Testimonials - Lucy Liu Acupuncture in Lucy Liu is a true healer. I cannot recommend her enough.    She is kind, compassionate, professional and most      importantly, effective. Her office is lovely and she is  accommodating schedule wise. I have sent many friends and  family members to see Lucy and all have raved about how  much she has helped them. She is able to heal a broad  range  of maladies in a reasonable amount of time.                                                                                                   -Jana C.

Hey NYC! Beloved acupuncturist Lucy Liu Acupuncture now has a presence on FB. She helped bring Jack into the world in various ways (from helping me through horrendous fertility treatments, supporting my pregnancy, all the way up through helping to bring on labor). She is an amazing resource for pain management and overall health. I recommend her services wholeheartedly.                                              -Erica S.      

Lucy Lui is fantastic she is a true healer! I highly recommend her                                                                                    -Alexandra R.       

I so highly recommend Lucy Liu as an acupuncturist. Her outstanding expertise, comprehensive mind-body approach, and warm personality make for an ideal healer. She has changed my life in both eliminating chronic pain and giving me tools to maintain that improved lifestyle of wellness. You too will be grateful if you give yourself the gift of her practice and healing - enjoy!                                                         - Lacy A.

Lucy Liu is incredible!!! I cannot begin to express how much she is helping me. I was in a car accident in February, and I've been suffering from herniated discs, pinched nerves, and whiplash. Without Lucy, I don't know what I would do!! She has relieved the piercing, shooting pains down my arm, and restored feeling and control to my hand and fingers. She is also helping to limit my numbness. She is significantly reducing the pain and pressure in my back and neck. Her treatments are truly helping me manage my pain, and begin to heal! Each visit is a pleasure. Lucy truly cares, and does everything she can to help you. She is very kind and warm. The treatments will make you more relaxed than you've ever been, and the office is welcoming, and VERY CLEAN! If you need to get better, there's no better place!                                                - Evonne Z.

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​Lucy Liu Acupuncture      
225 Broadway Suite 2720
New York, NY 10007.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

Telephone: (212) 226-2425
Fax (212) 240-9944

Lucy Liu Acupuncture